Why Young Living

How it all started

Transitioning from working to being a stay at home mom was not easy, especially in a new city away from friends and family.
All of a sudden I was with my kids all day and became the conductor of the Hotmess Express!

L.B. reverted back to old habits of sucking her hand and ripping her hair out due to stress. Mr. B demanded to be nursed ALL THE TIME. (Happi.Happa.Kids)

I was extremely lonely, but never alone.

I felt like a huge failure whenever the kids lost it over the silliest things, like if I didn't peel their banana the right way. 
The house was a complete mess. 
I was resentful. I cried. I hated my life and most of all I was lost.

People kept telling me that I had an amazing opportunity to be home with my kids, and that my life right now is to be a mom. 
But I felt extremely guilty about wanting to just disappear, due to not knowing how to be a stay at home parent.
The funny thing is that when I was working, I hated being at work away from my kids. I love them more than anything in the world, but I was just barely hanging on by a thread. 

Fast forward to last year, I couldn't handle seeing L.B. hurting herself anymore and I needed to try something to help her. Around the same time I met my friend Erin who suggested using oils. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.
I also want to admit that I bought a ton of things during this time to self cope with feelings of emptiness (mostly food) but probably the best thing that came out of it is that I bought a diffuser kit.
L.B. literally stopped her habits after a month or so and I was also feeling A LOT better too. 

I started remembering the little things that used to make me happy and really started to appreciate the time with the kids. I was able to manage melt downs better and really be present mentally and emotionally for them. 

Oils also helped me work up the courage to make new friends for myself and the kids, and to really build a community that I could call home. 

I found myself once again.

This is why I share my lifestyle in hopes that I can help someone who is lost like I was. 
I cannot imagine my life without essential oils anymore because they helped me through a challenging time.

I am so thankful for life and I would love for you to live yours to the fullest potential as well.

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