Have you ever tried Black Rock Coffee Bar?
They first opened in Beaverton, OR on February 1st, 2008, and quickly spread through the pacific northwest. I recently had the opportunity to visit the only location in California, in Oceanside. Luckily it’s right off the freeway so if you need a coffee kick while traveling through California on a road trip you can drop right in. Also it’s a drive thru so you don’t even have to get out of the car! Awesome opossum!
Look at this beautiful coffee container! Looks totally different compared to Starbucks. It definitely shows what there coffee is all about; BOLD LOGO that represents their BOLD TASTING COFFEE! Don’t get me wrong, I do like Starbucks and their creepy mermaid logo…and their coffee. Well,20151001_102912 I just love coffee in general. Any chance to try a coffee place I will be your girl to do that so expect a lot of coffee reviews and recommendations on my blog because I drink a ton of it. I’ve been loosely trying to kick the habit since I was a teenager, but it always pulls me back. Let’s take a moment and replace the Cocaine in Eric Clapton’s song to Caffeine and you get the idea. What I mostly drink is just straight up black coffee. Sometimes I’ll have a breve or a latte if I’m feeling fancy, but I feel like the coffee loses its flavor if it has a bunch of crap in it. 

I have tried their black coffee and Jackhammer (vanilla mocha with double shot). Black coffee was fresh, smooth tasting and not acidic. The only downside was it 20151031_152452_20151031213305082was super hot and I burned my mouth, but that’s probably my fault for wanting to drink it right away. I’ll definitely recommend to wait a bit before taking a sip of any hot beverage. The Jackhammer was sweet with a kick. You could definitely taste the espresso and I looooove my coffee strong and intense. Next time if I am in the area, I will be ordering Fuel which has 6 shots! Maybe I’ll get more done in the day. Will definitely update you on my experience.

Wish they will start opening more around so there’s an alternative to the overcrowded Starbucks. Black Rock Coffee Bar definitely rocks! (ha ha)
Have you tried Black Rock Coffee Bar? What are your favorite drinks there? 
Where do you like to stop for coffee?  


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Here’s a handy map for you so you can find the place. 

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