i was a flower

i was a flower. once beautiful. once happy. you decided to choose me. tear me apart. love me nots. love me nots. and you threw me away. i was a flower. once beautiful. once happy. i was a flower. once loved. once loved.   ✿ ✿Story Behind Artwork✿ ✿ I made this piece for Ken Tanaka’s art show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. It’s supposed to be a book, but you can’t open it. The artwork is based on a poem I made few years ago. Maybe if I decide to become more creative, I might expand this poem and […]

Beads Beads Beads

I really want to go buy more beads even though I still haven’t used my other ones… Wearable art is what comes to mind when I create jewelry. I always thought myself as lazy, but every time I finish a piece of jewelry or an artwork I realize that tedious work suits my personality. Probably a good thing though. Well stay tuned for more exciting stuff from yours truly, REMIFEB♥♥♥ Also check my Etsy!

Adidas Contest

I’ve been trying to finish my finger painting Adidas art for the loooooongest time and I finally completed the piece (it’s for a contest). Everything is painted with my fingers and the adidas trefoil logo is made out of fimo. What a challenge though. I don’t really remember working without brushes so making it to look the way I wanted was difficult to achieve, but I finally got to a point where I was satisfied. Anyways I didn’t really go back to check the contest results because there were a lot of people submitting awesome work. I was a little […]