Remifeb’s Black Rock Coffee Bar Review (California, USA)

Have you ever tried Black Rock Coffee Bar? They first opened in Beaverton, OR on February 1st, 2008, and quickly spread through the pacific northwest. I recently had the opportunity to visit the only location in California, in Oceanside. Luckily it’s right off the freeway so if you need a coffee kick while traveling through California on a road trip you can drop right in. Also it’s a drive thru so you don’t even have to get out of the car! Awesome opossum! Look at this beautiful coffee container! Looks totally different compared to Starbucks. It definitely shows what there coffee is all […]

Birth of Happiness

  Doesn’t matter if you come from a privileged home or a poor one. The most important thing in life is that we should all do our best to make someone feel that we care. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill that emptiness and give hope to people? Go make someone smile. Go tell them that you want to see them succeed. Go make them laugh. Our existence would be meaningless if we only thought about ourselves because greed is more costly than generosity. Happiness is free. You have a choice and you can make a change. Get out […]

Remifeb’s Matcha Pudding

Matcha is one of my favorite things in my life. What the hell is Matcha?! Well I will tell you what it is. It is green tea that is specially grown and ground into powder. Pretty much the best thing ever. Think of it as a green tea expresso…if there was such a thing. My family knows how much I love this stuff, so they sent me some all the way from Japan! So I have been experimenting on adding Matcha powder in my cooking and came up with a few recipes to share. Have you ever used Matcha in […]

Hill Street Cafe and Gallery (California, USA)

There’s this quaint little cafe located in Oceanside, California called the Hill Street Cafe and Gallery. I have been here a couple of times because my vegan friend asked me to choose a place to eat and this restaurant has lots of options for my herbivore friends. The restaurant feels like you’re dining in someone’s house….well I guess you basically are since it is a Victorian home and a historical landmark. The artwork in the restaurant showcases local art so it is something to see as well if you love art like me. Another cool thing about this place is that they are a […]

Remifeb’s Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Review

Above is one of many yummy drinks on Trim Healthy Mama. What is Trim Healthy Mama? The first time I heard about the two sisters Serene and Pearl who created this trim healthy mama plan was on a podcast. They promote their eating lifestyle to lose weight effortlessly. It’s not just for women, but I believe the majority of their audience are moms who cook for their families. So I decided to get their cookbook to check what it was all about.. Anyways, I’m always looking for yummy food to make so I was intrigued. Basically I just love to eat. […]

Kura Sushi (Japan)

If you are ever in Japan and hungry go to Kura Sushi (Kura-Zushi)! I went to the one in Nara, but you can find one easily since it’s a chain. The conveyor belt sushi is one of my favorite places to go while visiting my motherland since it’s inexpensive and so much fun. I tried whale for the first time last year…because well I was curious. Not really something I would eat again though. Was a bit curious of what type of whale I was eating, but never got around to asking. Mostly I’ll have tuna, octopus or natto. Not much of a variety, […]

Remifeb’s Pink Sorbet

This summer has been so hot that I’ve been experimenting a lot with frozen fruits. Desserts are by far my favorite meal, but I wanted something a little healthier than a pint of ice cream. Ice cream is very addicting though and I have many ice cream recipes to share, but for those who want a healthier alternative here is one of my favorite sorbets! I really like it mainly because it’s bright pink! It’s so pretty and it’s a lot of fun eating a colorful treat. Brings out the girlie girl in me haha. If you have kids you […]

Remifeb’s Jicama Lime Chili

Have you ever tried Jicama? I should have known the J is silent in Spanish, but for some reason I kept calling it “Geecama” for the longest time until someone said “you mean heecama?” SO embarrassing! Haha! Jicama is like eating bland apples, but it is pretty inexpensive and I have been eating a lot of it lately and experimenting with them. You can sweeten them up so they taste like apples, but since I’ve been on a lime kick (you can read it more here) I decided to make more lime chili recipes.  This recipe is basically the same as […]

Remifeb’s Cucumber Lime Chili

I went through 5 lbs worth of limes in a week… Yes. You read that right! So here I am to share you my favorite snack using limes! It’s super easy to make for busy people like myself. I love eating, but I hate slaving off in the kitchen to create something that I would devour in less than 15 minutes. Probably should learn to eat slow, but I’m a pretty hungry person. Want my food pronto! Happy snacking everyone <3    

Arbitrary Day 2014 on Redditgifts

This week I received 3 packages from my arbitrary day match on redditgifts. I really think this is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever gotten through an exchange. I am really up for the challenge to create!  So excited! (I used some of the art supplies right away.)   Letter from my Santa. Hi, you have been the most challenging match so far, due to your interest being completely different from mine. But it have steel been interesting and i gotta say, its probably the most I’ve put into a gift yet. First, you might wonder why […]