BoxTrollsLast year (2015), L.B. watched The Boxtrolls at least twice a day…for about 3 months!!! The plot is about “A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator” (imdb).

There’s also a lot of talk about cheese in the movie which is why I suspect she enjoyed watching the film. There are a lot of different cheeses that are mentioned and she must have been curious to how all of them taste. 

What I should have done is create a cheese platter with some grape juice and had a little cheese party with her, but instead we made her a boxtroll costume.

She loved it for a bit after realizing it is extremely hard to move around in it. The magic was quickly lost and she moved onto other movies. The Boxtrolls is pretty entertaining, but I probably don’t want to watch this movie for another 20 years or so. 

What movies have you watched multiple times that you never got tired of? Would love to hear what everyone’s favorites are.

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