Mr. B’s Elf Ear

Mr. B has one elf ear. It is so unique and special since I’ve never seen anything like it, which gives me more proof that he has magical powers of spreading positivism in the world. His laughs and smiles are contagious. Might be biased because I am his mother, but literally people will see his smiling face in the crowd and comment how happy he is. He is also an adventurous and mischievous little being that really fits the elf like personality. Always down to shake his little body to some good music. I wonder what the future will hold for […]

Happy Baby

L.B. used to love this song, but now she mostly tells me to stop singing. Have you ever sung to anyone? How did they react?

Raising Little Artists

I got these vegetable paints as a gift when L.B. was born, but I didn’t have an opportunity to use them for a really long time. When she became a toddler I decided it was time to bust them out! I let her loose in the bathtub, for easy clean up. It still got pretty messy, but she had the time of her life. As a person who loves art, I thought the carefree nature with which she created the splatter all over the white tub was beautiful. Messy art makes amazing abstract patterns. I love the new perspectives having children gives me. Just watching them […]

L.B.’s The Boxtrolls Review

Last year (2015), L.B. watched The Boxtrolls at least twice a day…for about 3 months!!! The plot is about “A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator” (imdb). There’s also a lot of talk about cheese in the movie which is why I suspect she enjoyed watching the film. There are a lot of different cheeses that are mentioned and she must have been curious to how all of them taste.  What I should have done is create a cheese platter with some grape juice and had a little cheese […]

Happi Happa Kids

Happi Happa Kids is a start to something new- I want to share with you my greatest creations! Let me introduce you to the loves of my life; Little Bopper & Mr. Business (L.B. and Mr. B for short). L.B. (b.2013) Loves to eat…A LOT! She is definitely a little foodie. Enjoys art and music. She creates stories and songs all the time (you will be seeing more of her creations). L.B. will be helping me out on food reviews and fun activities for families.  Interesting facts: Knew how to give high fives from 5 months. Her first word was “Agua.” Mr. B. […]