Birth of Happiness

  Doesn’t matter if you come from a privileged home or a poor one. The most important thing in life is that we should all do our best to make someone feel that we care. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill that emptiness and give hope to people? Go make someone smile. Go tell them that you want to see them succeed. Go make them laugh. Our existence would be meaningless if we only thought about ourselves because greed is more costly than generosity. Happiness is free. You have a choice and you can make a change. Get out […]

Capturing A Moment

Next month I will be taking a trip back to my motherland, Japan. It’s a bit strange since I haven’t been back for almost 8 years. Taking photos have been quite a hobby of mine and I loved every minute of it during photography classes. I love showing people what I think is beautiful or certain things that caught my attention. Same goes for looking at other’s photography work as well. I just love it. Anyways, I’m on a search for a really good/affordable SLR digital camera. It’s weird that many people might assume I like being in front of […]

The future is the present

Every passing second is an opportunity to change everything around. Stay positive and take charge of your own life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we can achieve our goals if we try ♥