Remifeb’s Yum Yum Donut Holes

Donuts or Doughnuts?! However you spell it, I am in LOVE with them. It’s not super hard to just fry up your own as well. Today I wanted to share a super easy vegan donut recipe! Only 4 ingredients and one of the main special ingredient is tofu! Yep. Tofu. Sounds weird, but I assure you that it is super tasty. It’s healthy. Well…sort of. Eating things that makes me happy is healthy for my mind. Trying to eat them in moderation though. ♥ My Suggested Ingredients ♥ If you want to browse other pantry items I use, check out my amazon store. You know […]

Remifeb’s Jicama Lime Chili

Have you ever tried Jicama? I should have known the J is silent in Spanish, but for some reason I kept calling it “Geecama” for the longest time until someone said “you mean heecama?” SO embarrassing! Haha! Jicama is like eating bland apples, but it is pretty inexpensive and I have been eating a lot of it lately and experimenting with them. You can sweeten them up so they taste like apples, but since I’ve been on a lime kick (you can read it more here) I decided to make more lime chili recipes.  This recipe is basically the same as […]

Remifeb’s Cucumber Lime Chili

I went through 5 lbs worth of limes in a week… Yes. You read that right! So here I am to share you my favorite snack using limes! It’s super easy to make for busy people like myself. I love eating, but I hate slaving off in the kitchen to create something that I would devour in less than 15 minutes. Probably should learn to eat slow, but I’m a pretty hungry person. Want my food pronto! Happy snacking everyone <3