EARTHWORKS 04: CATCH is around the corner at SHOJIN in Little Tokyo! So I am in the process of choosing a digital print from my Blue Album, but having a little difficulty to which one I will be showing. So far all of my works that were shown there have been bought by someone and I’m really excited for this next show. Just to think that I’m the only San Diego artist that is showing in an all LA artist show is pretty awesome. Anyways, I hope you can all come to the opening! I’ll update you all with times […]

i was a flower

i was a flower. once beautiful. once happy. you decided to choose me. tear me apart. love me nots. love me nots. and you threw me away. i was a flower. once beautiful. once happy. i was a flower. once loved. once loved.   ✿ ✿Story Behind Artwork✿ ✿ I made this piece for Ken Tanaka’s art show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. It’s supposed to be a book, but you can’t open it. The artwork is based on a poem I made few years ago. Maybe if I decide to become more creative, I might expand this poem and […]

Adidas Contest

I’ve been trying to finish my finger painting Adidas art for the loooooongest time and I finally completed the piece (it’s for a contest). Everything is painted with my fingers and the adidas trefoil logo is made out of fimo. What a challenge though. I don’t really remember working without brushes so making it to look the way I wanted was difficult to achieve, but I finally got to a point where I was satisfied. Anyways I didn’t really go back to check the contest results because there were a lot of people submitting awesome work. I was a little […]