Next month I will be taking a trip back to my motherland, Japan.
It’s a bit strange since I haven’t been back for almost 8 years.
Taking photos have been quite a hobby of mine and I loved every minute of it during photography classes. I love showing people what I think is beautiful or certain things that caught my attention.
Same goes for looking at other’s photography work as well. I just love it.
Anyways, I’m on a search for a really good/affordable SLR digital camera.
It’s weird that many people might assume I like being in front of the camera due to certain videos on the internet, but to tell you the truth I rather be on the other side.
I enjoy having more control on what others see.

So do you have any suggestions on what I should get?
Do you have any pictures to share?
Let’s keep exploring what our world has to offer!

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  1. Hi Remi – how much $$ are you budgeting for the camera? It will be easier to recommend something if we know how much you can spend. 🙂

    By the way, how long are you gonna stay in 日本?

  2. On the camera? If budget allows get the new Canon D7 (hands down).

    I recently “discovered” the very informative (and funny) “HOw to Speak Japanese” series you did with Ken Tanaka-san. I knew from the onset that both of you were very creative and imaginative.

    I recommend you read the book THE ALCHEMIST by Paolo Coelho. I know it has been translated into Japanese as well (I bought a couple of copies in Japanese already for some of my Japanese speaking friends).

    You may have already read it. If not… What are you waiting for?! No seriously folks. It will mean a lot to you I”m sure.

    Be well. Mo shigoto ni hagende kudasai!

    Mata ne!


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