Art is my everything as well as making people smile.

Growing up I’ve always wanted to share my creations and dreams with others.

Hope you enjoy what I have to offer!



♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Artist Bio♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My name is Remi! Let me tell you a little about myself…
I had a very unique childhood, living in Japan, Australia, Mexico and the U.S. Adjusting and learning how I was supposed to “act” due to cultural and language differences was difficult.
My childhood enabled me to live in my own mind and creating art became something that was consistent no matter where I lived. Art connected the experiences and emotions that became the puzzle pieces of my own existence. I never felt a belonging to any type of place and always have the urge to explore different parts of the world I live in.
I lived by the Pacific Ocean most of my life and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean when I was only 16. I like to think that the water is connecting us to different lands and faces.
When I look at a person’s face it makes me wonder about their story. Working as a portrait artist during college really made me think about all the different people in the world and their stories. It made me appreciate all the people I meet who become chapters of my life.

Later, I had another job as a picture/art framer, and that allowed me to better understand what others consider to be art. I realized that art that means something to someone doesn’t need to be for everyone.
I have been and will continue to be a certified daydreamer.
Through art I hope to spread happiness, find laughter, cherish memories and discover the person I am today.


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